My entry for National Novel Generating Month 2016 is a procedurally-generated chronology of rulers, courtiers and tribes, using a nonsense vocabulary generated with the neural net which drives my twitter bot, @GLOSSATORY.

The full text is available on GitHub:

The source code is here

I'll be blogging in more detail about the project in a couple of days.


Being a faithful narration of the history of the realm from the reign of Fobbial Artesia I to the present day

As transcribed by the algorithm annales-exe using the pseudo-random seed 1835917550 1 during the reign of Armey Engine III

"For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground / And tell sad stories of the death of kings"

Reign of Fobbial Artesia I the Unbridgeable.

Fobbial Artesia I, surnamed the Unbridgeable, won the throne by divination.

Fobbial Artesia I espoused Sidentilation with wild channession.

Rumours of morees in Wire Star.


Fobbial Artesia I the Unbridgeable gave birth to a son, Lavaloman, under the influence of Kabdhilinan.

Rumours of rederes in Vectary Viroth.


Rumours of vertitchhes in Hindle Magometer.

Reign of Lavaloman I.

Fobbial Artesia I the Unbridgeable was stabbed behind the Temple of Housene.

Succession of Lavaloman I, later called the Commensal.

Reign of Elepophinaiucal Confon.

Lavaloman I died of deliculath.

Elepophinaiucal Confon accepted the diadem by ordination.

Elepophinaiucal Confon was wedded to Pitroda with great aperosion.

The Altingilidae, a turkufish people, great with mothing, arose in Apoche.

Elepophinaiucal Confon founded the Pophopanece.


Pitroda was accouched of a son, Kangan.


Kangan was slashed with a narchechade before the Hyptium.

Panic caused by enomaleses in Autochol.


Samphala, a noble of the house of Rocket Intorviller, arrived at court after having distributed scandalous epics.