Glossatory is a recurrent neural net trained on all of the definitions in the lexical database WordNet. I recently retrained it on a GPU, increasing the number of hidden units to 512 and the layers from 2 to 3. The results are now a lot more grammatical, and there's a lot more interesting content when the "temperature" (a parameter controlling the amount of disorder used when sampling) is low. The first version was surreal in a clumsy way: at low temperatures it was dull, and at higher ones it just got random.

The new net has less superficial wackiness, but it seems to have a better sense of subject matter. A lot of the output is run-on clauses about abstractions, a kind of Finnegans Wittgenstein, as in "PROPOSITION: a feeling of intention to determine whether the property is to determine the properties of something". It also has a few definite substyles, like geography, anatomy and religion.

Here's some of the output of the original Glossatory for comparison. The new net seems to be a lot better at generating definitions whch stay on a single topic.

The output is still a bit underwhelming, with only occasional gems like "SENSORIMON: a series of substances consisting of a single spindle on the surface of the sun". When I got the first version of Glossatory running on my Raspberry Pi, for a while I was convinced that the output was less funny there than it was on my laptop. This was probably because I was comparing the intermittent single items coming out one at a time on the bot, to long lists from which my reading eye would unconsciously cherry-pick interesting definitions.

I think it's a lot better as a bot, now. Even the boring definitions have a kind of authoritative absurdity which suits the medium. At its best, it's a form of automated worldbuilding, a ghost of the glossaries and appendices which accompany fantasy and sf novels, conjuring up a mirror realm inhabited by the Sangaroo ("a North American Indian people living in southeastern Australia"), where the Warfare Star shines over "the ends of plants and Ancient Rome". An unstable landscape which mocks the idea that one could make a world from words.

You can get regular definitions on Twitter and Mastodon.

There are more technical details, including links to the RNN library I'm using, on the bots' webpage.

The following were sampled at random, so that they're not filtered by my own taste, and show how the output varies as the temperature is varied from 0.1 to 1.1. There's some evidence of correlation between temperature and subject matter (lots of constellations around 0.15) which I may try to explore systematically, by feeding the output for different temperatures into some natural language analysis software.

CONSUMERIZING: the act of administering something that is intended to contract to a particular purpose

CONSTITUTIONAL LOGARITHMOUSE: a commissioned officer in the United States government that interacts with the United States and the Union of South America

CONGREGATIONAL LABOR VERDICT: a council of the United States government that includes an electric current for the surface of the United States and Canada

EXPLOSION: an agency of the United States Congress who lived in the United States and the United States government

t = 0.1

SENSITIVITY: a deliberate act of expressing something (especially one who is a member of a source)

CONFEDERACY: the United States federal department that resembles a strong subject of the state of the United States and the Union of Stalin

PROPOSITION: a feeling of intention to determine whether the property is to determine the properties of something

LIBERTARIOSIDE: the second brass instrument of the brain and structure of a stream of corned color

t = 0.125

CORNISH ALLIES: a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Phoenix and California and Alabama

STREET STRIP: a small strip of metal stringed in a container that is used to control the strings and the color of a building

COMMON SALMON: fatty dish of the genus Allus: type genus of the family Phaetognatha having a solitary flower in the greens

CARTILAGE: a small constellation in the southern hemisphere near Cygnus and Catherine and Christian churches

t = 0.15

CORN CACHE: a small candy made of corn and cooked and often with a spice or carbonated sound

ALPHABET: the capital and largest city of Belgium; seat of the Caribbean and flows southwest through Long Island Islands

PANAMA: a member of the Siouan people formerly living in the southern hemisphere near Montgors in the Atlantic Ocean

CAPE COD: a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Peter the Magnaro and Capricornus and Canada and the Atlantic Ocean

t = 0.175

CARTHUS: a small structure (usually in the skin) that is connected to the body of a column or a canal

SHOP: a short strip of metal or plastic that is played by a straight steel or boiled surface

COMMUNITY COMPANY: a company that is intended to determine whether a person is assumed to be the act of preventing the same surveyors

COMPANION: a person who is expert in the processes of some proposal or confidence

t = 0.2

ANTARCTICAL CONTROL AND COMMENDATION DEPARTMENT: the district of the United States in 1960 by the House of Chicago (12,600 feet high)

STATEMENT: a statement that is not a person who is not a person who is a member of a particular purpose

SANTA CAROLING: a city in northern California to the south of the Columbia River in northeastern South America from 1803 to 1990; the southeastern cortex of the Connecticut River

RESPONSE: the act of controlling or determining the properties of a complex structure or structure

t = 0.225

BREAST CAR: a short handle and a strong fish that can be fitted onto a strap to strengthen a base

STRAIGHT CLOTH: a commercial enterprise for storing and serving a street or rope or straight strap

SCHOOL CONSTANCY: a company that is responsible for the purpose of making a person or group activity (especially a group of people)

BASEBALL CLOTHER: a loose hole that is served with a computer stationed in the shape of a ship

t = 0.25

DECORUM: the act of constructing a person or thing or property or property or property or property or condition

COMMISSION COURSE: a course of related sense of construction against the course of a court of action

PROPORTIONAL TRANSITIVE STIMULUS: a special procedure that is the product of a problem or institution

CONSERVATIVE: a person who is a proposition that is intended to represent a person or thing

t = 0.275

COLUMBUS: a city in southern India (1894); the French and largest city of Indonesia

RESTRAINT: the act of deviating from a state of intense and selling or destroying or determining the control of a court or subscriber

DEADLIGHT: a division of a company or a computer that can be determined from a contract and the property is responsible for the same stress in order to represent a proposition is true in order to reduce the same sex or interest or property is to determine the action of a complexion

SECURITY CONTRACT: a contract governing the responsibility of a group of people or animals (especially one who are something in a proposition or property or powers)

t = 0.3

PROMENADE: a structure in which players try to form a cord and the passage of a ship

SEA DRAWN: a small roofed blade of the vessel in a short ball in the shape of a basketball

STRAIGHT STRIP: a light horizontal structure that consists of a strong straight strap or the wall of a book

SHOULDERED SKIRT: a shallow receptacle for serving steel or pigment or underwater straps

t = 0.325

CARTRIDGE ENGINE: a car that is shaped like a computer screen or container on a screw

COUNTERATTERRING: a contract whose reading is delivered or completely (as in a computer and a contract to someone or something)

ATTENTIVENESS: the quality of being complete and the act of refusing to control or admission or excess

SCANDALOR: a man who is a member of the number of states and their expected electrons and control of the company

t = 0.35

BUSH: a small piece of metal or plastic that is used to carry hair or back or balls

DRUM MATERIAL: a member of a people who have been removal of standards of the sky as the planet is a particular body of states

STRIKE: an act of displaying something (as a computer that is used to see some world)

SENSORIMON: a series of substances consisting of a single spindle on the surface of the sun

t = 0.375

CONSERVATIVE ORGANIZATION: a commission of particular particle recorded as a sign of reform (especially a given price)

RESONANCE: the property of being constantly short and the rest as a consequence of not being distinctive

STANDARD DATE: a structure consisting of a small toothed barrel that is used to make a base of something

RANK LINE: a lawyer who controls a contest with a transmission to a computer screen or in a computer to special power

t = 0.4

PROPORTIONAL ANALYSIS: the contract for external behavior to a constant preceding some proposition and experience in a body of people

PRINCIPLE: a disposition to determine whether a proposition is prepared in a computer system

CONVERTIBLE: a strong distance from which an electric charge when something is determined by a defendant

ANTIFICULATORY PROFESSION: a medical institution for which the principal body is increased by an electrical consideration

t = 0.425

METAL: the part of a person or thing or promote without strong electric currents

DISTRIBUTION: the act of abating with something that is controlled by a person or thing

STEEL PLATE: a spinning device consisting of a small swinging sheet of water used in cases of cloth or baseball

CONTROL RESEMBLANCE: a contract that refuses to get the control of a court of architecture and the completed electric composition and control and concentrate the production of the stars

t = 0.45

STRAIGHT FLAG: a strong filter that is designed for protection from the surface of the foremast

ANTIPYRETE OF PAUL THE APOSTLE TO THE CHURETOPHYTA: a New Testament book containing a chain of American forces in the 19th century

LOOP: a strong figure of a breast to remove control or projecting the field of insects

DISCRETION: a program that can be used to determine whether the problem is to express a specific purpose

t = 0.475

THERMOTHERATUS: an anthology of a person or animal that is used to detect and the product of no distant disease

INDUSTRY: the act of distributing or destroying or subjecting to individuals or modes

ABSENCE: the act of putting something that is useful and removing a liquid (as a concentration of a particular contract)

DEFENSE: the process of designing substances that are in a place or state of a person or animal

t = 0.5

TOUCH: a distinctive device that can be used to propel or consumers (or seems or experiences or assistance)

ANTICLAMA: a sentence in which a prominent manner is conveyed by the study of properties of the eyes

ANTIBIOTIC: a mass of a chromosome that causes the seller that allows a body part of the inherited body and the surface of the skin

INSIGNIFICANT RANGE: a sentence in which the place of incorrect controls the lives of strength of the skin

t = 0.525

PRESSURE THERMOMETER: a device for the production of protection or producing by the strength of the time of offer at the top of the front or storage from the wall of the top of the shoes

FACTOTHORUS: antibiotic drug used to treat sunden and self-inducting blood cells (especially the larynx) used to treat the second states of the cortex of the body

SOCIETY: (psychoanalysis) the principle that a person is relatively for the purpose of constancy

NATURAL: a representation of a particular social group in a particular government

t = 0.55

EARTH CONSTABLY: an inn thing offered for each property or character of a mathematical or interest or manner (as to separate in the form of a sequence of infectious or promised or consummating and faith common)

MUSIC CALL: a series of people training to retard an object or other invented by the subject of the senses

SPECIALIZATION: the act of constructing and selling or displaying and enforcing a presentation

STRATEGY: the consequences of auditory information about one or more opinions or other constituents

t = 0.575

LOUCH: the side of a ship where the barrier to a commercial distance from the waist

PARASITE OF THE BANQUET: a toy Olympic period of the suburb of Colorado and the Old Testament

PETIT BOX: a bone that is used for liquid in the strings and scripts that are produced on the back of the head and supports the body to carry from one position of the railway ski is entered to catch or turn at a continuous joint before someone who produces

FOREIGN INTEGRAL INSURANCE: a statement of a program that is used to educational plane to settle some particular purpose

t = 0.6

SANGAROO: a member of a North American Indian people living in southeastern Australia

COMPASS PROTECTION: the act of keeping a single motor vehicle or pole (the work of mail)

CONTEXT: less than training or reproof in a person to be proved in a prison or discourse

COMPUTER TEACHERECTOERGIC: any artery that supplies the part of the mountains of Canada

t = 0.625

DIVERSIFICATION: the act of traveling that the contraction or emergencies contracts on the production of a great instrument and other companions of all corporations

SERVICE AND GRADE: any of numerous small inverted or applied mammals having a sparsely round butter and the compact hair

DISPLAY: someone able to make a common transit or interval or physical state in the battle

COFFEE BONE: the part of a district or window (or sled tool with a flat) that is accelerated by the distance of a small fragment

t = 0.65

INCOMPREHENSION: a detailed statement that can be superficially restricted to maintain the holder to mark and not active or add the power of electromagnetic washed or resources

VESTURE: an exercise designed to detect the markets and appearance in a point of money

POWER HOLE: a stairway or plastic shell with an elevated condensed at the top; used to draw for a parachute or wheel to enter or shape or rope from pipe and scarfs and arms

CORN: (baseball) a line of papers or airplanes to control the location of a computer mouth

t = 0.675

WARFARE STAR: a case for combustion on a scar back to prevent the ends of plants and ancient Rome

PHILOMYCINE: a department of the laws of the southern hemisphere considered to be a new celestial body as an emir

RANDOM ADMINISTRATION: an admission that indicates the health of energy with which something is executed by the conversation of research

CARAPACE: something of water that searches hit with it; usually used in a series of shoes

t = 0.7

ALLEGIANCE: a lawyer who studies the basis of a theory to a magnetic force (as in highwater)

BLEND: a tributary of the Missouri River across from Sakiela Minor; crossed by African-American people who advocate law strong activities and some other uses

INQUIRONIUM: the communist language of the Trojans river; leads to eard every low temperature and producing underwater horizontal works and dials into severe chords

CHANGE OF FILM: a race set on a needle taper that performs a parent and to advance public parts

t = 0.725

REACTION: the act of defending; began and change in a factory of an act of litigation to a computer

INERTIAL BIT: a large piece of metal or shoe holding that it has been kepplings and four pulled wheels to accommodate a fire

DECORUM: (computer science) the removal of a company as a transmitter of digestion

OWNER: a worker who is shared by collision or regular interest or religious distribution

t = 0.75

TRACE: the process of treating primitive linguistics or religions or properties considered as a pulp

MARE PACK: a short piece of metal covering the seashore in which the head and graceful is suspended

DROP: a disposable cephalogenly (especially one of a pair of functions are dispossible to recommendance)

EPIPHANISTANIA: a follower of the brain (among all the skin surrounding the coronary sequence of sounds that have been passively in a book (usually by major recordings)

t = 0.775

STEAM: the act of making light on something (especially the proportions of a patient)

MANTOCLAS: a consonant probability produced by combined racing numbers one of the similarity to an end

INSTRUMENT SERGEANT: a group of statesmelows following a lively on god or factor

ENORMOUSLY: a sailing vessel with a curved blade for forming the surface and its opposite the charge of a wider private heart

t = 0.8

PHASE SPECTRUM: the body of prayers above the testing of short fetishes by watches (especially when the phenomena of the heaven into a building or file or protein or heating)

MONEYBRACHE: a system of psychological lighting the name of the patient with the term is marked by excessive drink

GOBEN FACTOR: someone who walks in a different distance from the respiratory surface

SUIT: a serve that can be suffered about a state of arranging an organized period

t = 0.825

DECOY: a small loud backplant consisting of a window space between the points that are not received at right angles to an engine into the brake strips

BROWSE: a forcible team that is used to reproduce or fixed holes at the point enough to be insatile and keeping the back of an acrobatic manner

PSYCHOSERATION: movement toward a related resention of a standard for three preemptions

ANTIEMUTIDA: small mountain mat-forming elands comprising Australia and North Africa

t = 0.85

PRECURSOR: a person who gives (usually in the Christian and Punch of western San)

PROPOSAL: the act of internality in property without monitor from one side or to sabota

CLOSED HERESIER: a sorceroscope for mentally enlarged by a barrel troop for consideration

MISTRANT: (Roman Catholic Church) a dictionary related scientific development for attaining loss or responsibility

t = 0.875

VIEW: bid consisting of a screamer of graphic antigens in the southern hemisphere

SWEET: a deck with an exterior table map; worn by X rays and gives ten borts in its own amark

DORINET: music conferred by a gun; in the aircraft's position of architrous and animal

PACKER: a circular hunter that flows in order to play entrance to a tent or freight filled with bull must be jeweled with a tub

t = 0.9

FLOCKS: roughness of basketball team that carries a gas out to detect the other temperatures (judicial instruments)

CHARM CLOCK: a showy group of singers know or ruled by an arithmeal that is on a society and variation

JOKE: a tenant who wears or drinks or repairs metals; shaping or involved smoothing oil

COURSE: the law occupation in a drug that devises utopias to the end of the higher scripts

t = 0.925

GLUTEN: the commercial action of the death of the stage for the sum of the British sovereign

GRAND MAJOR: a magic language (such as an ancient circuit) reform made in the sky

CARPENTRY: the area of a television program that is recognized and selling from a position warfare

CLASS: a character deposed at the discussion of a company as another (or three principles of love) or someone who does not metal factual

t = 0.95

SPOKESPERSON: substitute or race in the heart of the lower external parts of three thinners of blood

CALLIMUR: golden coniferous food fish of the Cretaceous veal of central United States and Mexico; held garophyte

OLD WORLD LILY: bellflower of the Mediterranean and Mediterranean to Alaska having urumped coppery rays

CONTRAPPORTINESS: exudation quick the subject or society of the moon (or to do to do on radio statistics or clarity); devoted to the start of something depends

t = 0.975

TRENCH: a negatively sponsored person regarded as a function of animals under the ocean

FLOUR PLASTE: a small brightly colored heavy metal mixed fragrant bream symboled in a thin pack usually smoked

DESTRUCTION SHIP: a line used to wrap from the same part of the trunk of joists driving when it is not done

BOOM AND DECORATION: alteration of a muscle that reduces the production of the cecum

t = 1.0

BEER: a small person who is important (plants or insulin and robots units of the kind of yarn)

BROWSE WELL: a sweetened event on the fosofyline that ingests and typically little surfaces

HONEYCOMB: a guitar whose chambers contain sharp clothing (or various draft or open)

ENTRENCHABILITY: an act used by words when an organized remember of a different course

t = 1.025

SHEL: slang that has blend oil into the outside and has oxyju's; corresponds to the brain

FRIENDLY: groceries consisting of axious charges on the uterus of a ring or thoroughbred mine

FISHFULNESS: the quality of being intended to the target from a local and manner

TOWN: slender flatwork that protects the game gatherely runs; can be ground and attached to living steps

t = 1.05

COURT: (computerrey) a pair of amphelwouch through legs designed to separate people (such as drawings directly to tourn out of its rotation) the hands

CRACKLING: an operation originally containing acid industry; players and a wrestling document

CRIMP: a pointed rall; also the goal house of a corpse (especially one using an open cross or boat)

SECTION: (law) the amplitude or smokestack or insert tolerate afternaming information

t = 1.075

COPPER: a sleeveless sawful consisting of a card game (usually while stand and sometimes can transfer)

WET TREMOR: the pelvic region of the Russian government at the soul of the alveolar series

UNION: large group of jervaking an exchange; used as an ancestral and military uniform

PLANETARIUM: a terrorist group that believes the traffic temples therapy between 30 secessively of the Earth surrounded in South Africa

t = 1.1