I trained a recurrent neural net with the same parameters as the most recent version of GLOSSATORY on the Gutenberg e-text of the 1811 edition of Francis Grose's Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.

The output was even better than I expected. The following excerpts were taken at increasing temperatures (the amount of randomness used to sample the network) but the formatting of the entries was learned by the RNN from the original text.

I'll definitely be turning this into a Twitter bot.

Addendum: It's now available as a bot on both Twitter @VulgarRNN and Mastodon @vulgar@botsin.space

COURT AND BARLICATER. A sharper from the college for a stocking.

BULL BOG. A bad man or woman.

GREALS. To be announced; to be carrier of the company attornies or woman.

CHAPPER-OUT. The same as the bottom of a stick.


CLOWER. A brothel.

COLLER. A shoemaker.

COLLED BOOK. The private parts of a woman.

BOOKS. The monosyllable. CANT.

RUM DUMBER. A sham shirt.

BLUE COLLETER. A bawdy-house.

COLLED BOOT. The private parts of a woman.

COLLEGE. The private parts of a woman.

FLYERS. Thieves who steal the collar and bout, in the painter of the posteriors.

COUNTLER. A dirty prostitute.

FOOLY BACK. A thief or disturbance.

CROUNT. A black brothel.

BEAR-TOON. A country fellow.

ROUND HORSE. A woman's penis.

CLOLE. A blow. CANT.

RUM COLE. A country fellow.

CUTCH CARD. A person who been carries of the trap between the stool, and the rest of the house of the company was does have a door in the country. See CAMBROMERIRE MONEY.

CROP. To stand on the face.

BLOT MAN. A counterfeit man, or woman.

DRAPHY BORTERS. Corrmobions, who robbed in the coat, and when they are somewhat is to be called the golds of a false specipter.

CLACK. A cheat. To pluck a fat watch; a saying of a stick. CANT.

TO BLACK CARVER. To rob a horse. To cut a blue short fellow, a saying of a stupid fellow.


RUM GUT. A man who has no settly a carrion of the canting considerable or provisions. Cant.

GRUNTER. A lancor. A saying of a bastard.

BUCK FENCER. To cring a bea; to come off him in his heart; the canting crew and broil and harbours the turnkeys of farts, instead of brightings, where the countryman who had pretending to take all the bed. SEA TERM.

ADOMAN A POYSS. Potatoes broken in a body, proper of one side up by seamen for a clumsy thing for livery-striciously.

CAPPABY. Ready to and small times any thing in generally styled To cully i. the second, and thereby out of its rich-faced by a great wig or have cindement.

BLUE FRAPE. A waid of beer, but the fadder to give with a great strike, in the swell out of his pincher.

To FLACK ALE. To cheat, or fall of thoe; or production among chiefly on the other.

DARKER. A pickpocket. CANT.

HUMMOUSER. A mode, obtable, or wine would father them, to be in dang of the word-peller-keaver. Scotnons in the Hangman who marries a strong cominers used by the sound like throw in the seaints or more demony.

GAMBER. A boxer. How mentioned like a pair of small sick; a seaman for a room. CANT.

ADGE. CANT. He will lump a broken hook; a crown-bake in the stop; to game; to sting any handsome come speaker. Button at the honest book of the gentleman's pig; throw as was formerly inflicted on each particular in a pocket in any churchman of the sword, and the game attorney. To be according to the water closes to the water for melling offence. Rabbling oath.----T. Thy cussas; to drop in floury. Cant.

GIBBLE. A small woman's end, by a green dumpectes held at that grey in the first happened had becomes contrivances, and if the breech. As a sow the fiddling one that is eye, which is the Hench gave heidded, and a man who has ground that hocsers.

CATES MANEGASTER OF UN UM DAYNY ONE. A skelt that clerk is always stolen blow, and out of the head lie: to make a shape before to happen and butter of the mouth.

CHIP. A leckness, or indifferefully.

GAFF. A cloak or flat cantitle man; to play or holy at a female a stupid carries off, compared to punishment used for legious plums at that names who lices or supper, he is a high is hard away with the citid off; in memunder loxes are taken from Archulds. Cant.

RUSTY JOB. The military phrase to pick; the man is vark havated by some persons who have not gives him cut by a small bloined rowe.