Easy to get out of new habits when they're interrupted by Easter.

This week was taken up with meetings and handover, mostly about research data management. I'm taking over our Institutional Underpinnings project and need to spend some time catching up on it next week.

And I finally finished debugging v1.2 of the Oni front-end.

I've spent too much time this weekend thinking about symmetries between the part of my job which is about architectural concerns with research software - which boils down to, a lot of the time, what aspects of new systems fit our institutional patterns and principles - and the research data management aspect of starting research projects.

Software used for research - the doing of research, not administering it - is on a sliding scale from ten-line Python scripts up to institutional-scale data repositories, and a lot of the stuff in the middle does not fit well into the corporate IT categories which drive architecture. I'm thinking of how most unis have tried to remove the bottleneck in research ethics, by delegating low-risk approvals out to faculties, and trying to think of a way to do that with software.