My anxiety and mental restlessness felt like they were getting the better of me, this week. Even though I decided not to move into a solution designer role in our team - I want to concentrate on research data management, because we need someone looking after that, and I think it suits me better - I found myself obsessing over some solution design work I'd done on another project, and getting roped into conversations about it, even though I don't really want to work on it.

Did quite a lot of engagement work with other teams about data management, and managed to get a draft of an options paper about moving our research data catalogue to the cloud finished.

I also did another workshop live-coding on Oni, and have pretty much got a way to do gelocations for the Criminal Characters dataset done. For some reason I feel like I code better when three other people are watching me do it on Teams: this isn't very productive, however, because those three other people aren't doing anything else.

I hope that the feeling of being pulled in three different directions by my employer ends soon, or that I get more used to it.