We went away to the Southern Highlands for the second week of May, which is our first holiday away from Sydney since we spent three weeks in the States in September 2019. (I was going to do more personal blogging here, since I've gotten fed up with the ads on WordPress, so I guess this is a start.)

Last week felt like a lot of time was taken up with admin: catching up with timesheets, drafting a workplan, being on committees. There were a couple of really interesting seminars run by the ARDC and the Research Data Alliancee on data management plans and infrastructure and journals' data publication policies, and I got some progress on the design work I've been stuck on around data records and data storage.

I think I'm settling in to the changes in my role.

Also, I got the first of my AstraZeneca vaccines on Saturday morning, and I've felt like I've had the start of a cold ever since.