Since I set up Funkwhale I'd been thinking of using it to host my music collection so that I could listen to it from anywhere, but I did the sums and the cost of the extra storage would be about the same as if I got a static IP for my home network. On an impulse this week I decided to try using Tailscale and it was so easy and quick that it didn't even count as procrastination. I can now listen to the music on my Pi from anywhere and I have one less project for the holidays.

A couple of notes for other Plex users: after you install Tailscale on your Plex server, you'll need to log into the Plex server over the web using its Tailscale IP, and connect that server to your Plex account. After that, you will also have to go to the Settings / Network page for your server in the Plex web interface, and add the Tailscail IP as a "Custom server access URL", as follows:


(32400 is Plex's default port)

Full disclosure, I've received no consideration from Tailscale dot com for this endorsement, I just gave then a try because I like Xe's blog.