I know it's bad that Epic have bought Bandcamp, and when that was announced I made sure to download a copy of everything I'd bought there, but I still rely on their emails to not just let me know what's new but also what's old. It seems that I should have become a Matmos fan about twenty years ago, because their blend of sampling and distorted vocals and electronics is very much to my taste. I think I was put off them when I read about their album which was made entirely out of sounds from operating theatres, which just goes to show that you should always listen first.

I'm a bit obsessed by this three-hour-long collaboration with everyone from Yo La Tengo to one of my favourite sampladelic artists, People Like Us, which came out in 2020: it's long enough that I can listen to it again straight away without getting bored.

People my age often talk about how they stopped keeping up with new music but I don't think I'll ever tire of trying to keep up not just with new music but with the stuff I missed out on the first time around.