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I used to do a Bloomsday blog post every year until last year, which was the first time I forgot to commemorate the day in any way for as long as I could remember, and I almost forgot this year as well. Maybe the pandemic shook something loose. It's not like I don't like Joyce anymore. Last year one of my kids read Ulysses and said: "it's basically one long shitpost, Dad, no wonder you like it so much."

I don't feel especially Joycean today but it's got me thinking about how long it's been that I've been doing blog-style writing on this old internet:

Big Tank
Hand-made HTML on an ISP's web server
[no title]
bloxsom.cgi blog on my employer's staff web server
This site
Pelican static-site on my own cloud host

That's a lot of posts. I have no idea if the first two are anywhere, and the last time I read the LiveJournal I got the shivers. Someday I intend to migrate the WordPress stuff to this site.

Anyway, that's half of Blogjune. I've been enjoying this.