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Home sick from work today: I've been going to the office three days a week, and this is the first time I've had a sick day when it doesn't feel like it's blended in to working-from-home.

I have had two negative rapid antigen tests so far this week and about five in the preceding fortnight. About three weeks ago I had ringing in one ear, got sudafed and a course of antibiotics to stave off an ear infection, and now I've got what feels like a heavy viral cold with headache and sore throat. I've always been prone to catching colds and managed to do so through both lockdowns: this is the second one which felt severe enough that I was sure that the test would come back positive, and I'm still not really convinced.

The virus seems to be coming closer: my brother and my partner's brother have both had it, and plenty of my friends and a few co-workers. None of my kids, yet. I am not one of those people who wants to get it so that they can get it over with and I know at least one persons who's had it twice, which does not sound like fun.