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Just when I think I'm fed up with multiverses, I discover this two-season show, a spy thriller set in two parallel versions of Berlin, with an amazing central couple of performances from J K Simmons and Olivia Williams. It's the most satisfying science fiction show I've watched since Orphan Black. There's a curious sense of Ostalgie about it, using a science-fictional device to extend the Cold War between dimensions just as it ends in the real world.

I watched the most recent Spider-Man movie this afternoon (I'm still off sick) which is the sort of thing that makes me fed up with multiverses, even though I enjoyed it, in a half-hearted sort of way.

It's very uneconomical to fork an entire universe just for the sake of one planet's narratives, one imagines there's some sort of algorithm working out all the details. Although how it handles the Spiders-Men situation, where there seem to be two orthogonal sets of multiverses, one live-action and one animated, is anyone's guess.

Oh, and in this universe, I still haven't tested positive for COVID.