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An interesting blog post argues that we are living through a golden age of programming language research. I like the point that dynamic languages such as Perl, Python, Ruby and Javascript have done more to popularise functional programming concepts than anything else put together.

Photographs of the Nakagin Capsule Tower before its demolition

A post about the mathematical structure of the chord progression in the main them of Severance. I am a mathematically-minded person who enjoys music which is based on mathematical concepts, but I have to admit that the mathematical structures used by a composer such as Xenakis, for example, never come to mind when I'm enjoying his music. And without spoiling anything, I didn't find Severance to be that mind-blowing, although I enjoyed all of the performances. I do find it strange that Apple are sponsoring a show with such a dark view of the totalising nature of corporate life.

Yet another post about colour theory, which I haven't read in full, but collecting peoples' attempts to make sense of colour is a minor preoccupation of mine, whether they are right or wrong.