Part of my daily routine is to do a bunch of drawings each morning based on the output of @GLOSSATORY, which is a now completely obsolete neural network trained on a big list of dictionary definitions. I try to post two of these every day to another Mastodon account at @GLOSSATORY.

A couple of weeks ago I went back over the archive and turned some of my favourites into custom emojos for my home server, and have been delighted to see a couple of other servers adopt them, feel free to use them if you want to. I've added the original prompts below. I used Vectornator to turn the original PNGs into SVGs and then Boxy to tweak things and thicken the line width.

UPDATE - you can buy colourful upsized versions of these as shirts and stickers on Redbubble!

Cartoon of a fish with an aggressive expression
The bot uses the phrase "strong fish" so often that he became a regular character.
Cartoon of an eye in a pyramid emitting rays of light
The all-seeing eye wasn't based on anything in particular in the prompt: I think I drew it as a logo for someone's laptop and just liked drawing it. But that's exactly what I would say, isn't it.
Cartoon of a guy with a rectangular head
Regular readers will recognise this as the generic way I draw a guy. The rest of the emojos are based on specific prompts.
Cartoon of a guy whose head is made of three overlapping profiles with different colors
CHROMATIC PROTECTION: the act of standing with another state. (I never use colour in my daily posts but this one seemed to warrant it.)
Cartoon of a cute horse with a shaggy mane
BONAPS: the soft side of a horse
Cartoon of a creature which looks like an owl with a cat's face
HING: a bird catish of form
Cartoon of a goofy-looking duck with buck teeth
BROOK TOOTHED RUSH: a bird that is placed at the same time
Cartoon of a frog standing in water and pulling the skin of his legs up as if he were wearing pants
COMMON WADING: common toad of southern Africa